Archive of Fukushima live camera was removed before coolant system stopped

Following up this article..[Emergency] Coolant system of reactor 4 stopped

At this moment, still coolant system of SFP4 is stopped.


It is not known if there is a back-up unit. About the time when it stopped, a Japanese Fukushima watcher tweeted like this below,




8 hours has passed since coolant system of SFP 4 stopped. It is not 14:00, it was 11:00 when it stopped. I saw the information to tell it was 14:00 was spread around, I’m emphasizing.



Also, the archive of Fukushima live camera from 1:00 to 6:00 of 4/12/2012 was removed from Youtube.


Even if it actually stopped at 11:00, 1:00~6:00 is too early.


Archive of Fukushima live camera was removed





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