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Settlement report 4/8/2012

Donation : 217.00 USD Expense : Coffee 5.60USD Left in hat : 211.40USD   For some people, I’m reaper. I always bring bad news. I’m more hated than you ever


Former Japanese prime minister “I’m regretting to have admitted nuclear plants.”

  Former Japanese prime minister Murayama (1994-1996, Japan Socialist Party) officially stated he regrets that he admitted nuclear plants, at Oita Prefectural and Municipal Workers’ Union held on 4/8/2012. When


Hirano reconstruction minister suggests to set uninhabited area around Fukushima plants

Hirano reconstruction minister had a meeting with Sato Fukushima governor on 4/3/2012 and suggested to set uninhabited area under control of the government around Fukushima plants. This place is supposed


Reactor 1 goes over 100℃ within 8 hours without nitrogen injection

The temperature of reactor 1 was increased from 48℃ to 54.4℃ when the nitrogen injection stopped (90 mins) on 4/4/2012, Tepco stated in their press conference of 4/7/2012. On 4/4/2012,


Radiation over scale in Katsushika Tokyo

Too radioactive to measure. Dosemeter of Horiba indicated over scale (Over 9.99μSv/h) in Katsushika Tokyo. Measured on 4/5/2012. 4/5/2012、東京都葛飾区でガイガーカウンターの上限値(9.99μSv/h)を上回るホットスポットが見つかりました。   Iori Mochizuki