Troll rejected by Tokushima prefecture with the perfect answer

For the troll to push radioactive debris, Tokushima prefectural government replied the the perfect answer.

Man (60)

scared of radiation ? No, it’s ignorance to threaten you.

“Let’s support North Japan” was just an empty word ? Only 5% of the debris has been processed.
It’s because all the Japanese citizens except for Tokyo and Yamagata are rejecting it.
They are selfish to say they are scared of radiation, which is nothing but ignorance, they take the harmful rumor of mass media seriously. they don’t even study themselves and scream emotionally. Shame on you !!

Are Tokushima people all content if just they are fine ? Does nobody stand up with justice ? You cowards learn Tokyo.



Answer from Waste Management Division.

Thank you for your message. To make the most of this chance, we shall explain our point of view as Tokushima prefecture.

The great east Japan earthquake caused Tsunami which was beyond our assumption and disaster debris, it is thought to be difficult for the disaster area to process it all.

Tokushima prefecture and the local city governments therefore offered help for Japanese government.

However, some of the debris is as contaminated as the current system of law can not even apply for. Japanese government legalized to landfill radioactive debris even though it’s more than 8000Bq/Kg all around in Japan. Tokushima prefecture thinks radioactive debris must be process by Japanese government with their own responsibility.

It’s principle that radioactive waste must be contained, not spread. They thus managed and contained radioactive waste in dumping grounds for low level radioactive wastes when it was over 100 Bq/Kg before 311, which is based on IAEA’s standard.

However, Japanese government hasn’t shown the basis of the 8000 Bq/Kg rule, and applied for the sharing radioactive disposal.

Currently, radioactive material, which is more than 100 Bq/Kg, coming from a nuclear plant field must be strictly contained in dumping grounds for low level radioactive wastes, but when it’s out of the nuclear plant field, radioactive waste, which is even 8000 Bq/Kg is landfilled as normal disposal all around in Japan, such as Tokyo.

I would like you to think, this “8000Bq/kg of material” is low level of radioactive material to contained strictly internationally.

As an example, in France or Germany, there is only one dumping ground for low level radioactive wastes and it’s located where the radioactive waste doesn’t not touch water underground vein not to let cesium melt into water such as former metalliferous mine.

Isezakishi Gunma landfilled radioactive incinerated ash which was 1800 Bq/Kg, so much lower than the regulation limit of Japanese government. However, radioactive cesium melted into water because of heavy rain, the radiation level went over the safety limit of sewage system.

Tokushima prefecture thinks much of the safe life of the citizens. Once radiation leaks to the environment, it will significantly affect our lives. We can not accept such a thing without proper consideration.

Not to mention, we are forward to accepting uncontaminated debris.

However, Tokushima prefecture does not own the facility to process debris. About acceptance, we must ask local city governments to own the facility to agree.

At the moment, we are asking Japanese government for proper explanation about those things above. As prefectural citizens understand it, we shall cooperate as much as we can.









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4 Responses to “Troll rejected by Tokushima prefecture with the perfect answer”

  1. kawi kent says:

    Japanese gov officials or right-wing gang believe that they are the king,
    or the master, and people are just the slave or servants.
    This master-slave relationship has remained the historical traditions.

  2. WM says:

    The Japanese have a difficult time standing up unless someone else stands up too. This is a perfect response and something that should be forwarded to all prefectures and municipalities. It will serve as an inspiration and template for those who want to refuse but don’t know how to.

  3. Rich says:

    Good ! So there is some hope if prefectures start fighting TEPCO and the government. It means individuals (people like you in Japan) fighting for the truth may now have some powerful allies ! What do you think ?

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