Settlement report 3/11~13

Donation (3/11~12) : 560.00 USD

Expense : 2.20 USD

Rest : 557.80 USD


Donation (3/13) : 33.00 USD

Expense : 0.00USD

Rest : 33.00USD


I’m afraid that it would be the last splash of donation in the history of FD.

There were lots of events related to 311, couldn’t catch up with the reports.

Every night I remember that I was about to be killed by Japanese government. can never forget how I felt when I knew the explosion of reactor 3 was not hydrogen explosion, was a nuclear explosion.

You can never forgive someone who tried to kill you.

I am the counter rocket. FD is always here. Join us if you are the one driven by the anger.

Sometimes people misunderstand me. I don’t translate Japanese articles. Japanese articles always put the focus on the second or the third most important line in the article, and put lots of irrelevant information to make it milder. I cut off all those useless lines and fix the focus.

I believe we will take them down one day. Let the justice win.


Settlement report 3/11~13






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Le Fukushima Diary peut recevoir des dons directement à sa banque.
Fukushima Diaryは銀行口座でも直接寄付を受けられます。


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Bénéficiaire : FUKUSHIMA DIARY SRL (PAS Iori Mochizuki)

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Merci pour vos dons. Le Fukushima Diary tourne fondamentalement par votre aide.
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Fukushima Diary can accept donation directly at PoBox too. You don't need to write the receiver's name (Only the address below is needed) but you can write it as Mochizuki Iori or Fukushima Diary SRL as well.

Le Fukushima Diary accèpte aussi les dons directement à sa boîte postale. Il est inutile de mettre un destinataire (l'adresse ci-dessous donnée seule suffit) mais vous pouvez l'adresser aussi bien à Iori Mochizuki ou à la Fukushima Diary SRL.

Fukushima Diaryは私書箱でも直接寄付などの郵便を受けられるようになりました。下記の住所が記載されていれば受取人の名前を書く必要はありませんが、Mochizuki Iori または Fukushima Diary SRLというように書いても問題ありません。



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4 Responses to “Settlement report 3/11~13”

  1. Kamijo says:


  2. Jessica says:

    What motivates me to support you is the desire to save lives. Once again, thank you for your service. Please remember that even the murderers are your family, are my family. They are broken inside, empty. I think they are also quite delusional. This is the fruit of Mammon worship, also known as the love of money. Those of us who were watching before last year already knew that there was a plan to reduce the world population. Those who cooperate by allowing Fukushima to kill are not even living a life. God have mercy on them. I wouldn’t want to be any one of them.

  3. Jessica says:

    Please forgive them. Many of the Japanese people have already committed murder and suicide multiple times over with the decisions they have made, including both your parents. Please forgive their delusion because they don’t understand what they are doing. Help them see and repent. Help them get their priorities straight so we can have a miracle and save all of them before they fall over dead!

  4. Jessica says:

    …okay, we can’t save them all, can we? We can long for it, though. We can mourn the loss of them. Humanity has enough graves, enough wounds…. now we need to heal… now…. before it is too late. The longer it takes the more we will lose.

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