M6 in Chiba Scale 5

M6 in Chiba  Scale 5


M6 in Chiba  Scale 5 2


Currently, JR Tokai is still moving. People should seriously consider evacuating from around Tokyo.

Mobile phone call is restricted.






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5 Responses to “M6 in Chiba Scale 5”

  1. Silvia says:

    People should leave northern japan all together. Not easy but in my opinion very necessary. What’s about 14 reactors were affected last year since it all began? Any news on the damage the other reactors suffered? We all know about fukushima but more reactors were affected in some way as i just found out yesterday. With all the quakes going on and radiation everywhere people should be very alarmed. However many things are just easier said then done. Take care.

  2. RubyGlare says:

    The Japanese government should buy cruise ships & evacuate the people in Fukushima & Minami-soma immediately. They should begin building cruise ship-size vessels & move the people of north Japan onto these ships. Look at the Disney cruise ads, they even have waterslides on the ship; hanging gardens seems a good idea. Gardens instead of pools, put the pool/baths below decks. It’s my only idea, other than building giant aircraft hangars over all the reactors to stop the hot particles from flying all over in the wind.

    • Snorkus says:

      I do not completely disagree as a human occupant of the earth. However, corporations are making the calls not us. Concentrating the toxic material and keeping it out of the environment is what is best for us as is evacuating the people. However, concentrated materials can be quantified and that is more difficult with diluted materials. So, broadcasting it to the environment lets the corporations hide the severity and avoid cost. The same is true with permitting or assisting in evacuating people. First the evacuation is an admission that there is an extreme problem. Also, by putting a quantifiable number of people on ships, you are immediately admitting that that number of people have had all their belongings, the place that they live, and their life as knew it are gone and a monetary value can be placed on that loss in court. Corporations hate court.

  3. mr determisticchaos says:

    hello a heads up to you in japan , mexico earthquake calf next then japan typically follows shortly i dont know where your at but stay safe

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