Australia considers accepting radioactive debris

Following up this article..Onna son voted unanimously to accept radioactive debris in Okinawa

We might see mutated Koalas soon.


Australia ‘ideal’ for Fukushima soil
BY: RICK WALLACE From: The Australian March 15, 2012 12:00AM

A HOWARD government minister has entered the nuclear-waste debate by arguing that Australia should accept radioactive debris from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Former sports minister Andrew Thomson said the move would help break a deadlock in Japan that is jeopardising recovery efforts from last year’s March 11 tsunami and nuclear meltdown.


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7 Responses to “Australia considers accepting radioactive debris”

  1. J M says:

    He must be bloody crazy–Aust’ get most of it weather from the west–and we don’t need that here

  2. Sigh says:

    Well, shit. I knew this’d happen sooner or later.

  3. Lisa says:

    The depris shall be processed in only the local areas, in fact 80-90% of it scheduled and confirmed to be processed in those areas. JP central government offers a big money to let other area governments accept, the governments’ chairmans would love to be related those processing agencies for getting the feeding-back from them. Politicians would like to move money to put a part of it into their pokets. Will it happen in AUS? That’s really crazy. The depris’ amount is not too much to complete the processing in a decade even if it goes only in the local areas. People say it’s a help, but actually they are only following money.

  4. ozzie says:

    Who cares what a former sports minister has to say about anything? The Howard government has been out for many years and will NEVER be back in power. I don’t understand why it made the news, but probably because it is sports related.

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  7. Tracy says:

    Why I am not surprised by the psychopaths who pass themselves off as leaders in our country ? As this man is such a leader perhaps he can test is health theory literally in own his backyard of own his house.
    This lot are apalling !
    Keep up the good work

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