4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish


Fisheries agency measured 4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish, and 1,920 Bq/Kg from rockfish last december. The data is already removed from their website.
Also, on 3/21/2012, Prof. Ishimaru from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology published he measured high level of cesium from bottom feeder 10km offshore of Iwaki Fukushima. He measured it last July but he published the result now.

854 Bq/Kg from echinus
471 Bq/Kg from sandworm

In Korea, more and more contaminated fishery products are found in imports from Japan.
In early 2011, only 1 or 3 fishery products were found contaminated monthly, but it became 7 last December, 8 last January, and it became 24 last February.
They are starting to measure cesium even from tuna and parrot bass, which means biological concentration has reached the top of the ecological chain.
Korean government does not plan to ban importing fishery products from Japan because it is still under their safety limit (370 Bq/Kg)

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