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Children as sacrifice for social stability

Though some Japanese are aware of the risk of radiation, they still send their own children to school and have them exposed. They make huge lists of excuses why they

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Actual Fukushima worker “Happy11311” will leave Fukushima

One of the most important sources “Happy11311” , an actual Fukushima worker tweeted that he is going to leave Fukushima.   ただいまっ(^O^)今日で3日間連続の送別会。今日の送別会の主役はオイラでし。でわでわ行ってくるでし。 — ハッピー (@Happy11311) March 29, 2012   <Translate>


Japanese government will nationalize Tepco by July

  Tepco requested Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund for capital infusion of 1 trillion yen public fund without clarifying the voting right of the government, which is very rare. Tepco

Effects to be confirmed

Another city mayor in cardiac or respiratory arrest

Following up this article..Date city mayor was hospitalized for acute cardiac infarction Mr. Osawa, Hidaka city mayor of Saitama was hospitalized in cardiac or respiratory arrest on 3/27/2012 as well.


Black smoke from reactor 3

On 3/29/2012, black smoke and white gas were observed from between reactor 2 and 3. It happened twice, 10:29~10:43 and 12:47~12:58. No explanation is given by Tepco.       Iori


70,400 Bq/Kg from ventilation system of incineration plant in Tokyo

High level of cesium was measured from dusts stuck in air filters of the waste incineration plant in Sumida Tokyo.   (Measurement date : 1/18/2012, cesium 134+137) 1. Dusts on


16,800 Bq/Kg of cesium from elementary school in Yokohama

16,800 Bq/kg of cesium was measured from rain water tank of an elementary school, Ms. Inoue, a Yokohama city councilor reported on 3/29/2012. The name of the school is Shimosue