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Radiation measurement as substitution

    Japanese are repeating substitution because they can’t evacuate. After 311, geiger counter has become an everyday word like rice or soap. When the atmospheric dose was the highest


Scattered fuel of reactor 3

Goddards journal mixed the video of reactor 3 and thermo map. The result shows there are at least 3 heating parts out of the well cap. One of them is

Core removing struggle

The second endoscope operation is planned for 3/26 and 27

Following up this article..Result of endoscope operation on 1/19/2012 Tepco is going to endoscope operation for reactor 2 on 3/26 and 3/27 again. Last time they estimated the water level

Food contamination

Cesium measured from every milk used for school lunch

Kunitachi Tokyo published their measurement data of school lunch. They outsourced the measuring of milk products and a few kinds of the vegetables to Isotope research institute. As the result,


Tepco surveyed radiation level of reactor2 again [11 mSv/h]

Following up this article..220 mSv/h in reactor2. Human can’t work On 3/21/2012, Tepco surveyed the radiation level of reactor 2 by a robot. The robot went to the place called