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Settlement report 3/9/2012

Donation : 163.00USD Expense : meat 2.00USD   Sauce 1.90USD  Tooth paste 5.20USD   Hand cream 4.20USD Profit : 149.70USD   Maybe some people misunderstand me. I don’t charge anyone,


A Japanese woman had her visa declined by Indian government

  A Japanese woman from Fukushima was invited to India by Green peace, but Indian government canceled the visa though they had already given it to her. She was involved


Temperature of reactor 6 is unstable

Reactor 6 is unstable. According to Tepco, the coolant system is working properly, they are not injecting water like reactor 1 or 2. However, the heating gauge showed 23.1 ℃


520 μSv/h in Futabamachi Fukushima

HCR reported the actual radiation level in Futabamachi Fukushima. 1cm above the ground : 518.2 μSv/h Inside of a car : 44.82 μSv/h   Location : 大きな地図で見る     Iori

Confirmed effects

Fukushima citizen 90 mSv of thyroid exposure

  4/11~16/2011, Mr. Tokonami from Hirosaki university checked Iodine 131 level of the thyroid for 65 of Fukushima citizens. 48 of them evacuated from Hamadori to Fukushima city, 17 of