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Settlement report 3/1/2012

Donation : 133.00USD Expense : 0.00USD (My host cooked couscous for me as always. I can not cook.) Income : 133.00USD   Thank you very very much. Worked from 11:00


7μSv/h in Yokohama may be from air conditioner filter

    Following up this article ..7 microSv/h in Yokohama Yokohama city government made a report to assume the high level of contamination may be from an equipment management company

Domestic and global Environment

Tap water glows blue

Citizen’s volunteer group HCR tweeted like this below,     [飲料注意]青く発光する水道水。南相馬市民の緊急通報により聞き取り調査したところ、浴槽に貯めた水道水の下層部が青く変色し発光しているという情報を入手。市民が心配し水道部に問い合わせしたが検査しないという。#内部被曝 #化学反応 #核種分析 — Bansho (@HCR_OPCOM) March 1, 2012   <Translate> [Attention to tap water] Tap water glows blue. A

Natural disasters

Radiation level spiked up after the earthquake in Tokai Mura

Following up this article..Alert at Tokai Mura At 9:14 3/1/2012, The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency lifted the alert but people measured radiation level increased after the earthquake. Source At 13:00,


Reactor buildings are hidden by thick smoke

  Following up this article..Thick smoke from Fukushima plants again The “night smoke” has become thicker than ever. You can’t even see the reactor buildings. At this moment, the weather