Tokyo mayor, “Anti-nuclear is as stupid as monkey”



On 2/10, 279,881 people have voted for ballot initiative in Tokyo, which is more than the legal limit of 214,236 (1/50 of constituency).
This is enough to make Tokyo mayor submit the legislative bill of ballot initiative for nuclear power to the metropolitan assembly.
If the legislative bill passes, Tokyo city government has to hold a ballot initiative for nuclear power.
This is a first step for Japanese national vote for nuclear.
However, Tokyo mayor Ishihara stated, he will not submit the bill.

He talked on the press conference on 2/10/2012,
Anti-nuclear movement is driven by pity sentiment to be scared of nuclear with no alternative plan.
Civilization has been improved overcoming lots of mistakes.
Abandoning nuclear technology means devolution to the monkey.
Power companies apart from Tepco or Kanden have only 3% of share, obviously that’s not enough for Tokyo.
Ballot initiative for nuclear power is impossible and I have no intention to realize it.





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