Tokyo mayor, “Anti-nuclear is as stupid as monkey”



On 2/10, 279,881 people have voted for ballot initiative in Tokyo, which is more than the legal limit of 214,236 (1/50 of constituency).
This is enough to make Tokyo mayor submit the legislative bill of ballot initiative for nuclear power to the metropolitan assembly.
If the legislative bill passes, Tokyo city government has to hold a ballot initiative for nuclear power.
This is a first step for Japanese national vote for nuclear.
However, Tokyo mayor Ishihara stated, he will not submit the bill.

He talked on the press conference on 2/10/2012,
Anti-nuclear movement is driven by pity sentiment to be scared of nuclear with no alternative plan.
Civilization has been improved overcoming lots of mistakes.
Abandoning nuclear technology means devolution to the monkey.
Power companies apart from Tepco or Kanden have only 3% of share, obviously that’s not enough for Tokyo.
Ballot initiative for nuclear power is impossible and I have no intention to realize it.









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16 Responses to “Tokyo mayor, “Anti-nuclear is as stupid as monkey””

  1. Wellwisher says:

    I dunno,he may well be more a buffoon than a Baboon.

    Since he insisted he will be known as Baboon Guy.

  2. Sigh says:

    I would say that Blinky Ishihara is stupider than all monkeys, but that’d be too offensive to monkeys.

  3. Sigh says:

    For those who don’t know, Ishihara is the same guy who has been trying to ban anime/manga because he thinks anime/manga makes people into sexual deviants (like the people in the rape novels that he himself writes). He has also said that Japan deserved to be hit by a tsunami, as heavenly retribution.

    He’s almost as much a danger to Japanese society than radiation.

    • Don Feeney says:

      Actually, Ishihara has not called for banning “anime” or manga per se, he is one of a group who is against rape porn and child porn, of which there is a lot in Japan. Eighty percent of the world’s child porn seems to come from Japan, according to activists, and comic books about raping children have no artistic merit. In 2010, before the earthquake/nuclear disaster, the only intellectual argument in Japan was “Why can’t we have rape comics?”. That said, I’m against Ishihara on many fronts, especially his imperious, racist and sexist attitudes.

  4. Yulek says:

    To be honest I start to find it insulting that politicians are actually of the same species as I am.

    They are far too ignorant, stupid and corrupted to come from my species.
    Then comes the silent genocide they do to the people in almost every country (through industrial poison, radioactivity, environmental destruction, economical mismanagement or outright fraud)

    Perhaps in the past we had an invasion of evil aliens who disguised themselves as politicians?

  5. Damcho Dronma says:

    should be removed from office, there is no doubt. he sounds quite similar to an evangelical politician from usa

  6. mikael says:

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    And this just confirms than Your work is notised and have damaged the lies and downplayings of the Japanes gov. and TEPCO.

    Wait for the richoshet, gov. of Japan and Tokyo, for now you are “safe”, but again this is just a display og utter ignorance and stupidity.
    Even they cant escape this fate, thats why I know they are plainly ignorants(aka: stupid), to facts and the grimsness in this situation.

    The future looks even more grim, and the present “news” are just drivel wrapped in lies and forgerys of facts.

    “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
    ― Aldous Huxley


  7. manatee says:

    Ishihara is a racist who project criminal images on any foreigners in Tokyo, calling them in war-time (WWII) epithet of “dai sangoku jin.” He’s also famously a sexist – a quick look at Wikipedia about him both in English and Japanese gives you a plenty of information about what kind of person he is. It is a small wonder how voters tolerated him to stay in power for so long (over a decade, I believe) – but I believe his simplistic speeches has an appeal similar to those of Koizumi, GW Bush (I call Koizumi and Bush soul brothers … sigh) or Ron Paul (any Republicans with simplistic tropes and agenda analysis) – I have read a rumor in the past from a UK journalist that Ishihara in recent years appears even senile. I think it is very dangerous for Tokyo residents to keep him in the position of power for so long. Sigh-

  8. CaptD says:

    Yet another example of nuclear name calling by the Nuclear Fascists*

    Here is yet another example:

    *Nuclear Fascism

  9. Toshi says:

    He is a primitive tyrant who cannot listen to his own people who made him a mayor. What other choice do people have other than fighting to eliminate him?? How dare Ishihara to call Japanese people who had been continuously cheated by Government stupids!

    • CaptD says:

      Yes you are correct!
      The citizens of Tokyo need to return the favor
      and make a monkey of him!

      Some artist will photoshop his face on a monkey
      … And become famous!

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  11. pfj says:

    The clown should be arrested and dealt with appropriately.
    The yobo thinks he is an 18th century daimyo of Kanto.

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