0.92 microSv/h from St.Louis

They are concerned that plume flies from Japan to America.

Though it is not sure that it’s from Japan, they measured 3.7 times higher level of radiation from snow in St. Louis than usual on 2/13/2012.



The person who posted this video commented like this below..

Count returning between 74cpm and 110cpm.. normal levels are 20-30cpm (as indicated by past tests done at the same location).


(If the conversion is not correct, please leave me a comment)

74CPM = 0.62 microSv/h

110CPM = 0.92 microSv/h


It’s sure that they measured about 3.7 times higher level of radiation than usual.

It seems better not to let children play in the snow.

I expect someone to analyze the nuclide of this snow.



  1. Hi Mochizuki
    I am in Lyon (France) andI ve been following your blog everyday since monthes, it is always very interesting. I am sad for innocent japanese people and for you too, you must be torn to have left your homeland. I think the japanese Govt and pro nuke lobby is comitting crime against humanity by concealing and reducing the reallity about the accident and consquences on health especially.

    However, a question is running in my head. It is assumed that the reactor 4 was not in service when tsunami came (shield cap opened and CPV assumed as empty for nuclear combustible). So how would it be possible it has huge hydrogen explosion as others exploded reactors ? secondly, why is there no video about the explosion ? This is very suspicious.

    Maybe have you an answer, or could you ask for it ?

    Thank you and keep fighting

  2. Yes, it is better to simply analyze the radionuclides in the snow, rather than speculate on what it may be. Many labs available stateside to perform conclusive analyses. Many alarmingly hot rain and snow readings have been reported from St. Louis. I agree with you, Mochizuki, and hope someone gets a lab analysis so we can get a conclusive answer rather than continued months and months of unnecessary breathless speculation.

  3. I too have an Inspector Alert and I too get a reading of about 110 cpm in my house … which translates to 0.36 usv/hr (when I switch to usv/hr mode) … so I am not sure about the 0.92 … but even at 0.36 the snow is way too “hot”

  4. I’m speechless, but at the same time not really surprise. It is sure that the radiations are moving and travelling. We can’t expect the autorities to tell us the truth about that… Thanks for that information.

  5. The weather front that dropped radioactive snow on St Louis on the 13th was here on the 14th. Thanks a lot TEPCO.

  6. My personal feeling is that the situation is out of control in Fukushima.
    The plant will explode soon and the scale of the disaster will change drastically.
    No doubt you could appeal to the evacuation of Japan?
    Soon there will be no alternative.
    And it’s not so easy to evacuate a country of 110 millions’ people.

  7. I just recently found your site it is good to get honest news as our lamestream media spoon feeds us only what is allowed. i pray for everyone in Japan. It is heartbreaking, for your country, for ours, for the world. the price of progress seems very steep in our world right now. i can’t offer anything but prayers for your peace, protection and perserverence which i will do. many blessings and much love to you.

  8. It’s amazing the persistance with which they’re pushing this lie about radiation being OK in “small” doses. In fact, some studies show the opposite – that prolonged exposure to low-dose radiation can be worse than an (extremely short) high dose:


    BTW, you know those contaminated apartments in Taiwan, that supposedly protected the tenants from getting cancer? Turns out that the “study” was a complete setup, designed to get just the answer it got – they compared the people who had lived there, (mainly young people), with the general population of Taiwan, which is a country with a large contingent of elderly people… but as the contaminated residents grew older, sure enough, they got radiation-induced cancers… and other illnesses too (although the nukers still try to pretend that “the rate of total cancer cases was lower than expected”, which one can hardly take seriously on the heels of such a transparent scientific fraud).


    It really makes me angry that they think we’re so f**king stupid. Hope you are OK.

  9. Hi. Good work on the homepage Mr Mochizuki, it’s part of my daily readings about the situation over in Japan. I lived in Japan for 7 years but left last summer due to 311 complications…
    I see that you are taking donations and would like to tip you about http://www.flattr.com
    Give it a read and I’m sure it’ll fit your purpose.

    Take care and keep up the good work!

  10. I have a radiation monitoring site here Oregon,I live a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.How can I add data to your site? I monitor outdoor airborn radiation.Equipment is,AWARE RM60 pro.Add me on Facebook Mark Kriska kes laser

  11. I live 120 miles west of St. Louis on a small farm and have, off and on, seen unofficial online reports of highish CPM readings in Kansas and Missouri. The Berkeley Radiological Air and Water Monitoring (BRAWM) team continues to assert that any elevated counts per minute in the central US are certainly due to radon. They claim that, because of radon’s short half-life, it is possible over the course of a few hours to correlate periodic readings from air filters and from swab samples of rainwater off of windshields, for example, with the decay curve for radon. BRAWM also insists that, while some Fukushima fallout may be drifting through the midwestern US, the amount is so tiny that it is below the “minimal detectable amount” (MDA), even employing the most sophisticated and sensitive instrumentation. I occasionally check the US EPA monitoring data posted at Alexander Higgens’ site (because the EPA apparently feels no need to make this information available on its own offical site), but the monitoring charts are, for a layperson, sort of inconclusive without professional interpretation. So when snow and rain fall here, I always feel a little nervous about the degree to which our goats and pigs are consuming radioactive particles that may be making their way into the watering tanks. When the goats start delivering cyclops kids, and the piglets are born with two heads, we’ll know for sure.

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