Tepco and JP gov rejected having nuc workers have hematopoietic cell transplantation

Though Dr.Taniguchi of Toranomon Hospital, one of the major hospitals in Tokyo, offered preserve of hematopoietic cell of nuclear workers so they can have it transplanted when they have acute leukemia, Japanese government and Tepco turned it down.

It was cleared on the interview of journalist Suzuki Tomohiko (46).

Mr.Suzuki is a journalist specializing in Yakuza issues. He lives in Shinjuku Tokyo, where is the center of the Japanese Yakuza activities.

After 311, he heard Yakuza groups recruiting for nuclear workers. To confirm the fact, he went to Fukushima plant as a worker from July to August of 2011.

He also took pictures of inside of the plant by the hidden cameras and videos of his watch, pouch.

According to his explanation, 3/29/2011, Dr.Taniguchi of Toranomon Hospital offered Japanese government to preserve hematopoietic cells of nuclear workers.(Source)

In case they are exposed to too much radiation, they may have their hematopoietic cell damaged and become unable to make blood cells (Acute leukemia). By preserving the cells in advance, they have more chance to get the healthy cells back and get recovered.

However, Japanese government and Tepco decided not to give the treatment to the plant workers because if they give them the treatment, it means they admit the plant work is risky.

Mr.Suzuki had the treatment before going to the plant but after all, he was the first worker to have the treatment.

He also stated:
1, All the Yakuza groups (From Okinawa to Hokkaido) marked by police recruit people for Fukushima.
2, Nobody can trace workers under the 6th sub-contract companies.
3, Sometimes the plant worker doesn’t know that he was recruited by a Yakuza group himself.
4, Fukushima 50 did exist actually, but they can not tell their identity and their jobs.
5, Even other than Fukushima plants, Yakuza groups are involved in every nuclear plant in Japan. When citizens are against building a new nuclear plant, they put pressure on the people. When the Yakuza group have the complete control over the town, they build the nuclear plant. He can’t tell their way of “putting pressure” because he needs more background basis to prove because it’s too shocking and on-going. In the community to accept a nuclear plant, there is an “unwritten code” to ignore the social problems caused by nuclear plants.

2012.1.7 やくざライター、原発に潜入す par PMG5





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