News: Massive anti-nuclear demonstration in Fukuoka 11/12/11

(Nika here, writing this post)

The awesome William Milberry, who creates important and intelligent videos on life in Japan and partiularly with respect to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, shared a video yesterday of a large anti-nuke protest in Fukuoka, Japan.

He says in the description of the above video:

There were over 10,000 people. Everyone assembled in a large park several hours before the demonstration and there were talks given on stage, a taiko drum performance, and various booths both selling things and with information. It was really huge and organized. Then everyone took to the streets and through Tenjin, a major center of the city of Fukuoka. It was all peaceful and organized and very impressive. It was probably one of the largest anti-nuclear demonstrations in Japan to date.

I send out love, solidarity, and encouragement to the amazing every day people of Japan who I admire very much.



























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8 Responses to “News: Massive anti-nuclear demonstration in Fukuoka 11/12/11”

  1. mikael says:

    In the bitter/sweet end of the raod, we all must go, our lifes we encounter Obstacles and Chalanges.

    The sole reason for the agresive language is to make people aware of One thing, we dont often realise it, see the effect of it, or even feel it, the simple fact that in the end we alone, you and me are the only ones to blame. And now we all reap the consequencess of our own Numbness and for not ceaping our self updated in issues, before we saw. And not to sitt and wait for the day this issues becames a Threat.
    Like the NUclear Industry.
    Now its to late, and the only way forward is to minimise the Radiation Dangers.

    And again, this wil eventualy blow the Japanes Goverment and TEPCO, strait in to their Faces. My only fear is the Price we all are going to Pay, before we arive there.
    Thats the real danger.

    I am Not woried or afraid of the Future, no, no. Its the Present that is the Danger.
    I am glad to behold the people of Japan, I despice the Negative coments on and regading the people of Japan, its Not them that is the Problem.
    Its big multinational, hughe fu.. companys with welth beyound imagination and influence we Never had. Now is the Time to Change that.
    I have a deep and profound respect for those individes that is taking that batle out into the Streets, and it goes deeper when the Enemy is the Gov and TEPCO, a formidable foe.

    And also the graveness in the present situation must not be forgotten, and dont think for a moment that all the Data is relieased, its not.

    “Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.
    ― James Bovard, Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty


  2. [...], Nika, 13. November 2011: Da waren über 10,000 Leute. Jeder versammelte sich in einem großen Park einige Stunden vor der Demonstration und es gab Podiumsdiskussionen, eine Taiko Trommel-Aufführung und verschiedene Läden mit Dingen und mit Informationen. Es war wirklich eine riesige Veranstaltung und gut organisiert. Dann begaben sich alle auf die Strassen und zogen durch Tenjin, einem größeren Zentrum der Stadt Fukuoka. Alles war friedlich, wohl organisiert und sehr beeindruckend. Es war wahrscheinlich eine der größten Antiatom-Demonstrationen in Japan bis Heute. Back to Top Tags: Anti-Atomkraft, Demonstrationen, Japan Cancel ReplyWrite a Comment [...]

  3. enoughalready45 says:

    Rise up Japanese!!! How will you win against Tepco and those in your government that deny the risk the whole country and world are in because of nuclear power? More protests all around the country and the world! Lead the way Japanese you can change the world.

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  6. instantT says:

    Yes! no nukes please!
    and no lies and secrets…the British testing in Australia lead to nnuclear fall out, and their were deaths…and kept secrets!

  7. Armstrong says:

    Thank you Mr. Milberry for posting the video and Mochizuki for the great blog. This demonstration against the demon-nuke industry is encouraging. We can only hope and pray that this passionate movement for the survival of the Japanese people and land will grow and increase into a tsunami of sanity that will wash away the lies and coverup going on here.
    WAKE UP JAPAN and show the world what you are made of. Fight for your future and the health of your next generations. Show your true feelings, emotions and thoughts and don’t show fear in the face of this horrible genocidal monster that has been released in your midst.

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