News: Tokyo tap water in crisis


According to the monitoring data published by the Ministry of Education, as seen in this post News: Helicopter monitoring data is published the central area of Tokyo is less contaminated, it turns out.

However, Okutama area, where Tokyo tap water comes is as dangerous as “contaminated area” in Chernobyl.

According to the data above, 100,000 ~ 300,000 Bq/m2 was measured in Okutama area.

Tokyo Health Service Bureau repeated the same old moronic comment about this.

“It is not harmful in the short term, but we will make sure to keep monitoring”,which means nothing.

In addition to it, the monitoring map is also manipulated seemingly.

More detailed evidence will be posted soon.

As a brief report, they changed the color just in the main part of Tokyo.

Considering the flow of the plume, it is very unnatural for the plume to have avoided just Tokyo.

Tokyo tap water is likely to be seriously contaminated, but also, the main part of Tokyo is more polluted than the monitoring map.





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18 Responses to “News: Tokyo tap water in crisis”

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  2. ocifferdave says:

    Thanks for finding and posting this info!

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  4. Michaël says:

    Sorry to bother Mochizuki-san but, isn’t it Bq/m2 than Bq/kg ?

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  6. Jim says:

    God help everyone in Japan. They are going to need it.

    • anonymousCoward says:

      No they need HELP! God does nothing, it takes human hands to do work! God is a non participant, neither cause nor remedy. These people need money.
      I wonder if they are doing anything as far as preparing their remaining nukes for the next huge quake?

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  8. Gonzo says:

    …All of Tokyo should have been evacuated 6 months ago. The government is committing genocide by denying the obvious: That life in Japan is not healthy anymore and it’s bound to get worse as radiation relentlessly accumulates all across the land. Why is it that no one is saying the obvious ?: That Fukushima spells the annihilation of life in our planet.

  9. Glower says:

    Was the map altered or is the concrete washed of measurable radiation?

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  11. Fred says:

    Japan may as well have sunk under the ocean. This country is finished.

  12. Ultimate Demon…

    [...]News: Tokyo tap water in crisis | Fukushima Diary[...]…

  13. KA says:

    Since March 16th, otherworldly Messages recommended urgently to evacuate from Tokyo given direction of winds were to turn south. I have forwarded the warning to the Japanese Government as requested in the Message.
    Please read all the Messages sent to the Japanese Government, all without any response as today.

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