News: Give us Geiger counter

Now in Japan,Geiger counter is in a serious demand.

Because of the “social pressure”, which is a beautiful custom of Japanese, the only “right” Geiger counter is supposed to be the ones of “Horiba”.

Ministry of science made a bunch of orders to Horiba and all the authorities are supposed to use the brand though it only detects gamma ray.

Horiba link

By the way, Yamamoto Taro, one of the most famous anti-nuc actor was accused of “trying to push into the Saga prefectural government”. (He has had one of his dramas cancelled by the sponsor because of his anti-nuc statements, he left the office in May)

Saga local government and Kyushu power company made up pro-nuc comments to manipulate the public opinion and intended to re-start the Genkai genpatsu.


Yamamoto Taro came to the prefectural government to submit the petition to stop re-starting the nuc plant.

However, Saga prefectural government built a barricade against the people.

Yamamoto Taro struggled to pass the petition but because the mayor did not come out,he could not pass it to him.

and 9/21, an administrative notary public accused him for “criminal trespass”.

However, this administrative notary public belonged to a political party called “Kyoto party” and the administrator of this party is also the president of “HORIBA”.

HORIBA dominates all the order of Geiger counter from the government, and trying to make us believe all the other brands are useless.

No wonder, Mr.Horiba is very pro-nuc.

We actually need to detect beta ray and alpha ray hopefully.

“Inspector +α” looks like the best one to detect.

(The video below is to show they detected 30 uSv/h at Fukushima station)

and this one is very pricy in Japan. (Over 150,000JPY)

link to buy

The second best brands are MKS-05, RADEX1706.

They are proven to have the same quality.

In March, one of my French friends asked me if I needed something. I asked him to send me a Geiger counter. He took it a joke but now that’s one of the things that we most need.

I guess Inspector+, MKS-05,RADEX1706 might be cheaper in Europe or in USA than in Japan. and now USD and EURO are cheaper than before.

If you can suggest anything,please feel free to help us.

We need honest Geiger counters.





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9 Responses to “News: Give us Geiger counter”

  1. Good Ol' Boys says:

    Which model is popular with first responders?

    You will want that one as you the private citizen are the first responder.

    Ideally the counter would be much like a metal detector with easilly replaceable parts,such as the Muller tube jacket.

    Maybe new tubes could be made with a wand like tube so users could survey a wide area in one go.

    There is the Gamma knife in nuclear medicine so there could be a market for the Gamma Katana in civilian use.

  2. Human0815 says:

    I am using the Radex 1706,
    it is a very easy to handle one for all the three Types of Radiation and it is quick,
    4 Circles (for an accurate) of reading need ca. 1 min.!

    From 0.00 until 999uSv/h
    Background Slots (5)

    The Price is very low compared to other Brands,
    ca. 30,000 Yen incl. Porto

    Of course there are a higher quality Reader
    but for the Price it is a good choice!

    Setagaya today; in between 0.08 and 0.28uSv/h
    at the Groundlevel!

  3. Good Ol' Boys says:

    I had one of those it fell out of my pocket and broke the tube,it became uncalibrated.

    The Inspector Alert picks up a lot more but is let down by the dodgy battery compartment,some batteries fit whilt bulkier duracells do not,also the tab of the battery compartment lid needs to be finangled under the catch.
    Nothing like finding the new battery doesnt fit or the lid wont go back on whilst the 10 Sieverts an hour burns you alive.

    But you know these plastic battery compartments are always engineered to be laughable.

    These old cold war instrument designers had the right idea,a handle.

  4. LAURENT_CRMS says:

    i use a GammaScout + SOEKS 01M.

    I can have that model (SOEKS) quite easily in France, if you need it.

  5. J Boyle says:

    This link may help. It is about a group of engineers who have made a cheap detector design available.

  6. jec says:

    For mass use, or individual use..EVERYONE needs to wear an accumlating dosmeiter badge. One I am using with some cruising boats is the RADTriage Badge..look on Amazon..or contact them directly at Just look at the badges..the emergency first responders use them..they are also sold locally in Japan. The vendor rep did use one –sad to say it worked. He drove from Tokyo to Fukushima I and accumulated radiation of 20mSv just in the one trip. Regular dosimeters are good..but you need to accumulate your personal radiation –and remember, its just air..not THAT needs to be added as well. Hope someone takes advanage of this type least read about what it does..what should be done. Please..

  7. jec says:

    It (RADTriage from XTSafetynow costs all of 30.00 USD.and for larger order, it can be discounted..but even the highest price is doable..and its simple and works.There are other similar badges..just get one that works and use them..

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