Breaking News: The risk of internal exposure is imaginary

9/11~12,International “Expert” symposium was held in Fukushima medical university. (Link)

“Mr.100mSv” Yamashita Shunichi attended this symposium as well.

In this symposium,they mentioned the risk of internal exposure and they stated like this below.(Page 1-3)

In addition to actual effects,imaginary impact has been enormous.Often exaggerated stories regarding effects of internal exposure was provided to general public to lead misunderstanding that the effect from internal exposure is much severer than that from external exposure.In the current radiation protection system,a dose from internal exposure is expressed as a committed dose,an integral over 50 years for adult and years until 70 years of age for children.The committed dose is added up with an external dose to give an effective dose.Once expressed as the effective dose,from the viewpoint of radiation protection,the effect is supposed to be the same no matter whether the exposure is external or internal.The experts on biological effects of radiation and radiation protection should provide precise information on the concept of internal exposure to the public.


This is what they are trying to do for the human-beings.

In addition to the impact of this statement,the “expert” who stated this,Sakai Kazuo,is a member of Nuclear disaster protection team under Japanese cabinet.

He specializes in hormesis,which is the radioactive effect to “improve your health”.

In the concept of hormesis,they think radiation improves your immune system or make plants grow faster and bigger. cf.Godzilla

In 2006, WHO stated hormesis has no basis, now it is considered to be a joke “science”.

Whether it is a joke or not,hormesis admits the impact of radiation,which contradicts its main premise.

A private institution, Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Station, has sent an inquiry against the symposium.

Open Letter of Inquiry 110913

  1. Old people often turn their homes into death traps,it’s the same with old people in positions authority,they cant be bothered but they fear being ousted and living on a fixed income.

    Eventually the old hate the young and would sooner see them dead.

    Cant be bothered to clear up after themselves,doesnt want to be inconvenienced by young people keen on living.

    Those people should have no vote.

  2. The body can not distinguish between cesium and potassium. This is the death penalty for children, newborn babies, the unborn. The atomic advocats say: Well, it’s cesium, but it’s 20 mSv/year (like 50 mammograms – for children! babies!) or 500 Bq/Kg etc (legal Japan limit)… it’s not dangerous. This is mass murderer – Here are the facts: we can rightly consider the Cesium-137 in relatively small doses (20-30 Bq/kg); a breach of the regulatory processes in the body: PAGE 2 – 3: Prolonged incorporation of radioisotope in the organism more than 30 Bq/kg is very undesirable, because could lead to the serious consequences: structural and metabolic alterations, energetic deficit, impairment of their functions, death, cell’s poison, cardiomyopathy, cardiac rhythm disturbance, and contraction function of myocardium, spasm of peripheral vessels – Page 26: I’ve eaten enough irradiated food in the last 8 years during my stays in Chernobyl irradiated areas. I am going to measure my organism next year.

    quote by Dr. Rosalia Bertell, November 1999 issue of The Ecologist, pp. 408-411:

    The main way in which the “radiation protection industry” has succeeded in hugely underrating the ill-health caused by nuclear power is by insisting on a group of extremely restrictive definitions as to what qualifies as a radiation-caused illness statistic. For example, under IAEA’s criteria:

    > If a radiation-caused cancer is not fatal, it is not counted in the IAEA’s figures

    > If a cancer is initiated by another carcenogen, but accelerated or promoted by exposure to radiation, it is not counted.

    > If an auto-immune disease or any non-cancer is caused by radiation, it is not counted.

    > Radiation-damaged embryos or foetuses which result in miscarriage or stillbirth do not count

    > A congenitally blind, deaf or malformed child whose illnesses are are radiation-related are not included in the figures because this is not genetic damage, but rather is teratogenic, and will not be passed on later to the child’s offspring.

    > Causing the genetic predisposition to breast cancer or heart disease does not count since it is not a “serious genetic disease” in the Mendelian sense.

    > Even if radiation causes a fatal cancer or serious genetic disease in a live born infant, it is discounted if the estimated radiation dose is below 100 mSv [mSv= millisievert, a measurement of radiation exposure. One hundred millsievert is the equivalent in radiation of about 100 X-Rays].

    > Even if radiation causes a lung cancer, it does not count if the person smokes — in fact whenever there is a possibility of another cause, radiation cannot be blamed.

    > If all else fails, it is possible to claim that radiation below some designated dose does not cause cancer, and then average over the whole body the radiation dose which has actually been received by one part of the body or even organ, as for instance when radio-iodine concentrates in the thyroid. This arbitrary dilution of the dose will ensure that the 100 mSv cut-off point is nowhere near reached. It is a technique used to dismiss the sickness of Gulf War veterans who inhaled small particles of ceramic uranium which stayed in their lungs for more than two years, and in their bodies for more than eight years, irradiating and damaging cells in a particular part of the body.

    I want to see the IAEA before the ICC. The International Criminal Court. For mass murderer, with weapons of mass destruction and it’s invisible war – you can not touch, feel, hear, smell, see.

    But WE can change history. One year remaining: The 20th IPPNW World Congress will be held in Hiroshima, Japan Medical Student Congress: August 22 and 23 (Wednesday and Thursday) Main Congress: August 24 – 26 (Friday to Sunday) :

    The UNCEAR committee has decided not to extrapolate the effects of Low-level radiation from the Chernobyl accident on the population on the basis of models extrapolate absolute terms, because these predictions are afflicted with unacceptable unreliability (UNSCEAR, 2011; 98, p.18).

    This “unreliability” depends on both the methodological errors of the officially recognized system for the determination of radiation risk (eg: ECRR, 2003, 2010), as well as with the underestimation of the extent of the effects of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined (eg: Bertell, 1985, Stewart, 1989)

    One of the methodological error of traditional approaches to determining the scope of Radiation risk is the exclusive use of data on cancer mortality, although it is not the most important cause of mortality after the Chernobyl accident, in radioactively contaminated territories. Another methodological error of UNSСEAR approach is a complete disregard of the Increase in perinatal mortality rate after the disaster that after the Chernobyl Accident in the many highly radioactively contaminated areas in Belarus

    with kind regards

  3. I think it stems from the Curies,people contaminated in the course of their legal business like to practice self allayal,it doesnt work unless they feel successfull in contriving believers.

    Then they feel powerful.

  4. I should add that in this day and age i am of the opinion that only the insane and miguided would want anything to do with disintegrating atoms,it’s not a healthy source of interest.

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