Breaking News: Reactor 4 on fire


Beware,west coast and Canada.

After the last earthquake,reactor 4 seems to have got a fire.

Comparing it with the picture of yesterday,around the same time,the same weather condition,it is clear.

You see the fire.

now it’s too smoky to see the fire itself.

  1. I live on the West Coast of Canada. Why do I need to worry? What are the symptoms of radiation exposure?

    1. Mike, my bro is a 30-years hands-on nuclear expert credited with various valuable inventions. I asked him to look at the very first video of Fukushima. “That’s a reactor explosion,” he said. “Stop drinking milk and take iodine. It’ll be in your area in a few days and in mine a few days after that.” He lives in upstate New York.

      When a reactor blows it sends tons of various radioactive isotopes and crud into the weather patterns. The Pacific currents send weather across Canada. Alaska and all the way to the east coast, besides down the west coast.

      Some of the radioactive crud dies out in a few days. Some of it will be around circulating for thousands of years years. It gets into people’s mouths, lungs, wherever there’s a hole or skin pore. It may sit there for decades, burning at a microscopic level, very slowly killing people. Cancers, leukemia, bone disease, a shitload of stuff.

      The infant mortality rate had a sudden spike a few months ago and is climbing. That’s what happened at Chernobyl. Chernobyl’s caused a million deaths in 25 years according to literally hundreds of studies in agreement. That was just ONE reactor and they cemented it over in a WEEK.

      Fukushima’s reactors are all still bleeding steadily and have been since last March. It’s a disaster of unprecedented proportions and governments, including Obama, who’s on the Exelor payroll (look it up).

      I contacted a gov’t “scientist” who said “I piss on your brother’s assessment.” That filthy bureaucrat needs the teeth slapped out of his fat face. As time went on, what my brother said proved very very true, and all the gov’t reassurances and outright lies have proved that they don’t care how many people get killed, they want money.

      1. What, into a cave? Running from this is not the solution. It’s time the rest of the world takes a stand on this. There is no place to run, which is exactly why the MSM is not covering this story and hasn’t been for some time. No point in creating panic. On the other hand, maybe if there was more truth coming from the media, more people would become involved and fix Japan’s problem before it envelopes the entire earth and becomes unfixable! Look that word up in the dictionary. You will find a map of Japan!!!

        1. Move? YES YOU CAN. I moved out of Chicago, two and a half years ago. I live very well on one thousand dollars a month. I am sure that is below poverty level in Chicago, but here I rent a three bedroom three bath home, on half an acre with a full time guard and gardener. I have a maid for cleaning, $3 an hour. My fruits and vegetables are local, and I can eat for about $1 to $2 a day. So move somewhere South of Mexico. I love Guatemala myself, and I did not speak Spanish when I arrived. Luckily, Antigua is the best place in the world to learn Spanish. My lessons are $4 an hour.

          1. I’m looking at moving out of the USA in 5 years. I got a second passport, too. I’m looking at South America…..

    2. The symptoms of radioactivity exposure are inclusive of 3 fission reactors going into total meltdown, exploding, and putting another few hundred tons of spent fuel into a super-critical condition, resulting in partial ongoing meltdown of the entire mass. This is extremely bad news. The government can go to hell. Especially the English royals who own most all of the uranium mines.
      If you are 5 days downwind as the jet stream flies, you can be assured of radioactive contamination. If you are a few weeks downwind with the prevailing wind, you can be assured of radioactive contaminationget a geiger counter and observe the thresholds for radioactivity exposure per the old U.S. government and Dr. Linus Pauling’s Nobel Prize winning research. Dr. Pauling got the prize when it meant something.You and your family’s health are in jeopardy. High cancer risk.

      Please consult the Chernobyl result studies baased on THE MOST INFORMATION to insure accuracy. The nuke business cherry picked the most favorable lax studies to base their preset false conclusions. Not good.

      The release so far is much higher than Chernobyl. You should get a counter and follow the old guidelines. The new ones are designed to protect GE from lawsuits. They were one of Obummer’s biggest contributors and they are a very antisocial bunch.

    3. radiation exposure symptoms can range from mild and chronic, to acute and deadly. In short, lethargy is one symptom of low dose but constant radiation. This, I feel is the most deadly because people then don’t have the energy to act. This lethargy also extends to lack of focus in the brain. Put together and you become a zombie. Changes in blood and immune response are most noted in adults, but children get the worst of it, especially younger ones and babies whose brains are still developing. Radiation lowers IQ. It causes thyroid cancer and cancers in general. It causes heart problems and premature aging.
      There are antidotes and precautions. Google Dr. Apsley for nutritional protocol, or go to IMVA website and download book “Nuclear Toxicity” written for these types of accidents by Dr. Sirus. Pray over your food. Prayer works.

    4. Wake up man!!!! Seriously… why are people so unaware? We are down stream and wind and I dunn no bout you but i like Filet O. Fish burgers and those aren’t made with hopes and dreams its dog shark from the pacific! Glow in the dark Tartar sauce anyone?

  2. In north America you will most likely not be exposed to enough radiation to cause acute radiation poisoning, with loss of hair nausea vomiting and other symptoms including death.

    That being said, the amounts of radiation being seen in north America are enough to worry about cumulative exposure over long periods, particularly in rain water and food. Symptoms of this type of exposure take years to develop and typically manifest as increased cancer and other problems, including birth defects and a host of other loosely defined known results to low grade radiation exposure.

    Precautions are warranted. Reduce consumption of dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and get a reverse osmosis filter for your home drinking water. Don’t play in the rain. Also, I’m personally not eating anything from the pacific ocean as food from there is showing double background radiation content. A mask may also be warrented as “hot” particles have been found and are estimated at 6 per day being inhaled by north Americans.

    Remember it’s cumulative and there is no “safe” amount of radiation.

    1. YOU said: In north America you will most likely not be exposed to enough radiation…

      then YOU said: the amounts of radiation being seen in north America are enough to worry about cumulative exposure over long periods…

      I bet you like to hear yourself talk…

      1. There’s nothing wrong with the way he put things. Us North Americans may not be seeing our hair and skin coming off by the handfull any time soon.

        The closest precedent we have are the many studies on Chernobyl, with a figure of about 975,000 deaths attributed to a brief-in-comparison bleeding of radiation from 25 years ago.

        I have for months been brooding over the fact that for the rest of my life, I’m going to be seeing friends and acquaintances and relatives of mine dead from all this.

        Watch for phony news stories about “cures” for radioactivity. My brother indicates that at this stage, specialists are far from even imagining how to even conceptualize ways of experimentation toward “neutralizing” radioactivity.

        But very soon, these reprehensibly fake stories about Fukushima being an “aftermath” now, and “reconstruction” taking place, will wear out their welcome and another set of fantasies will be put in its place.

      2. You deliberately selected a portion of a sentence thus neglecting the context to try and make a smart ass point.

  3. I’m Japanese.
    I live in TOKYO city.

    I don’t write English.

    I’m sorry but why machine translation

    But I’m Japanese, Japan news flows difficulties. 出向Kanai know nothing doing until this SITE.
    Hide the anger in such situations.

    Even now, I fly around the site of the world to make sure and listen to the rumors true No. 4 exploded.
    Survive and tell the news flow with something you know.

    Also, you might be better to evacuate people living in Canada and the West Coast is a fact.
    In the Pacific Ocean has a strong westerly blowing, some areas may be contaminated WEST JAPAN less polluting than Japan.

    People watching this map is not in Canada or the United States?

    1. The light blue is the caesium 137. Until I saw your map I had only seen this on maps of Japan but it is clearly much worse in the US and Canada than the powers that be have been leading us to believe. The trouble is there is nowhere to run to. We are all the walking dead.

  4. I am a retired N.Physicist and I can tell you ALL that something went array on all the reactors up until today. The plan “B” should have been implemented within a WEEK of the core issue, cement, cement, cement! But nothing has happened since that horriable day. We all still talk about Chernobyl and the guts that went into sealing that place up, those are the REAL heros because they knew their life was over within a year while working on pouring the cement to seal that place up.

    NOTE: Whatever you read on CNN/MSNBC Etc, all a bunch of crap. This is the most serious issue in the last 70 years and no one covers it. Those isotopes will stay longer then anything else on this forbidden planet. They will not dissipate over time, over length of travel etc.

    It’s sad to see this when we know what they can do. The have their own energy source (themselves) and will not burn out until 1,000 or years down the road. I am glad to see someone posted a site about this travesty. Taking Iodine for ANYONE in the world is highly recommended. Not to much, but enough to cover your ass. When I mean world, I mean you and you and YOU. I am 68 now and my whole family is taking it. I just wish the world had balls like the ole Russians had back in the day and they knew what HAD to be done. I will get back to watching the ball game now. GHE

    1. <>
      If you are a nuclear physicist why is it you can’t spell “awry”?
      There is actually one thing positive about this disaster: a least it will count Goldman Sachs and the Rothschilds amongst its victims!

      1. My brother and several of my clients are physicists. None of them can spell “awry” either. This validates this gentleman’s posting for me.

    2. If you’re a nuclear physicist, how come you think they could have just encased reactors still undergoing reactions in the first place? Chernobyl was saved as you say by sacrificing many lives, to encase the thing fast, and let’s not forget the fix was temporary and already failing, requiring a much more vast expenditure to effect another temporary fix. However after the initial explosion, there was no further criticality or reacting piles.

      In Fukushima we have ongoing reactions in four places, and these can be seen as the fires of hell, for all our powerlessness to shut them down. Until they are shut down, ie: Cold shutdown is achieved, any attempt to encase them will result in explosions and worse problems. It is like trying to build a bomb casing round a bomb, as it explodes!

      1. Just to clarify something which a nuclear physicist would know of course so I’m sure you do, these reactions will probably continue for 50 to 100 years before they decide to call it a day or at least allow people to do anything much except busy work.

  5. You may find this hard to believe But those brave men that were sure they would die that Burried Chernobyl
    I was informed from inside sources they are still alive.
    The Russian Government PAid some people said what ever it takes help these guys and soem very secret information and expensive was given to these men and they recovered. I have no way to prove this but the source that told me Is very powerful figure and very informed.

  6. What will it take for the Japanese people to save themselves and the rest of us with entombment? What is the matter with society? I have studied the history of global sanitation such as sewage systems and found that modern systems did not arrive until the twentieth century. Pollutants were overlooked throughout history until then, even though industrial pollution, deforestation, and crap piling up in city streets were the social norms that were rarely addressed. Japan had a long tradition of both stewardship under the shogunate of their forests but also of heedlessly living in crap until the late twentieth century. The nuke pollution is so far off the scale but they do not fundamentally understand that this one is different and that they cannot overlook the crap like they did throughout most of their history. Or rather they will find this out when the birth defects and other problems begin manifesting in the next months and years. We watch Japan fail to entomb this mess and willingly surrender to their stupid fate, contaminating the rest of thw world but we need an INTERVENTION by humanity to stop this…..please Japanese shut down your economic system and demand that Daiichi be entombed immediately with volcanic sand and a big concrete cap to stop the smoke and steam releases. Please act now or kiss your stinking asses good bye, we are fed up with y our inability to deal with your shit. This situation cannot continue or we will all suffer horribly.

    1. You cannot “entomb” this. Until the reactions have consumed all the fuel, any attempt to encase them will just cause an explosion and make things worse. This talk of encasing them which so many cling to, like they think there is an answer if authorities would just act, is pathetic to watch. It is very simple, not the complex end of understanding nuclear physics. The reactions are now self sustaining and they can;t be shut down, the control mechanisms which were primitive and crude in actual fact, are gone and are not coming back. They will react, probably getting worse periodically as critical stages are reached and vent off, for anywhere between 50 and 100 years, as far as I can gather from a good open minded assesment of analyses and a basic understanding to begin with. The talk of cold shut downs and suchlike, which do not take the uncontrollable factor into account and admit decades at least before control can be achieved, are pure fluff, and only intended to pacify people.

      No point anyone demanding petulantly, “well what is the answer then” because there honestly is no answer you will like. The best option probably was lost at the outset and could still be employed, but it will give an idea of the scale of the problem when I point out it is bad, but it will at least limit the damage and make it more local and more quantifiable.

      That “solution” would be to nuke EACH of the SIX reactors at Fukushima, and try to react all the remaining fuel that way. The undamaged reactors will have to be hit as well because the blasts will fire them up and they won’t be able to be approached afterwards anyway for maintainance. However this will result in a single severe release of radiation which will go where it will and let there be no doubt much land will be lost and many will die and suffer effects around the Northern hemisphere, however the problem would be over in one sense and the damage will cumalatively be less.

      There is a lot of supposed authoritative stuff being said by people around this issue. If you just listen to people’s titles or the big words with which they pepper their speech , you may be misled into a rosier view of things in Japan than reality can support. The simple fact is that everything that has transpired has been one setback after another for TEPCO and the Government and nuclear industry in general whilst all we have learned is that it was worst case scenario from day one and everything is worse than they admitted yesterday, from one day to the next. I am only writing here about the big picture, but as far as encasing the reactors is concerned, it is not part of it until the reactors go cold, which they will do whenever God wills it and not before.

      1. Sorry Steve, I agree with most of what you are saying, including the possibility of these processes lasting for decades, but nuking the site is a moronic war-movie fantasy.

        Even controlled nuclear tests in the Pacific, the Southeast of the US and Central Asia by the USSR have caused incredible health damage.

        Also, nuking the Fukushima site will not eliminate whatever already has penetrated the soil.

        A lot of money must be diverted toward studying and creating new containment structures immediately and this must be the major global priority. But no, everyone is too busy making money and weapons.

        The fact that the Cherobyl sarcophagus is by no means safe only illustrates the arrogance and the hybris of pro-nuke people and those who believe that this planet has infinite resources to plunder.

        I am not speaking as a dreamy little liberal here. My own country has been bombed with DU shells, and consequences will last for thousands of years.

  7. This is all nonsense. I am moving to Japan in a month. I got a real cheap home near some nuke plamt. I couldn’t believe onlu $1,000 for a very nice home.

  8. ok here you go get exxon to drill and place charges in the sea bed around the plant– blow -up the real estate under the plant –some big bombs–and implode the whloe area–

    the result would be a underwater nuke plant–japan gets smaller–but the remains of the plant would be deep under ground–covered by the sea–

    what do you all think??

  9. MX – listen to your own argument please, if you have absorbed anything which steve said you will know that there is no way to contain this disaster. You even go so far as to admit that the chernobyl sarcophagus didn’t work. You can call the ‘nuke-plan’ moronic but this is exactly what was suggested way back in March. I have printed the articles which document the arguments between the French Nuclear authority and the American Nuclear authority about total destruction of the site via nuclear bombs. this is very real and perhaps will help you understand the sheer size of the problem we face.

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